Lemme Get This Straight

A quick summary of the values upheld by the GOP lately say the following:

  • We don’t provide contraceptives (and I’m guessing education about them goes out the window too)
  • We don’t allow for abortions of any kind. So, if someone ends up pregnant because she couldn’t get contraception, she MUST have it.
  • We don’t allow for maternity care. So if she’s having a baby it’s at her own financial peril and likely damaging the health of the baby as mom will reduce doctor visits to save money.
  • We don’t allow for post-birth family leave. Probably best since mom will likely have a 20k bill to pay.
  • We don’t allow for life-giving support after a baby is born (early education, food stamps etc)
  • If that baby was born C-Section, mom can’t get reasonably priced insurance anymore because ya know – that 40 week “disease” of being pregnant was a pre-existing condition, likely leading to a much less healthy mom. Kids love that.
  • Any domestic violence or rape in her past also makes her have to pay extra for her insurance. So if that baby the GOP made her have was conceived out of rape she’s penalized forever and in every way possible.

GOP – if you EVER again claim to be pro-life to my face you might have a lot of explaining to do for NONE of this supports loving healthy life. I have NEVER seen something so overtly woman hating. I am disgusted.


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