A witness to the horror 

A few nights ago I started rewatching Braveheart. When this movie came out I LOVED IT. The sweeping epic story of love, country and freedom. I knew the facts were loose, but I didn’t care. It’s filed away in my brain along with other sweeping epics like Legends of the Fall. 

My complicated feelings about Mel Gibson has kept me away from re-watching this movie. But I gave it a whirl.  And yes, the scene where he whips his troops into patriotic frenzy declaring “they’ll never take our FREEDOM!” was still stirring.   

But man the violence in this movie is no joke. The battle scenes were brutal. To be a soldier in the 1300’s was pretty crappy! Watching the execution scene hit me tho. It always does tho when you see human execution as sport complete with two little people acting as an opening act. It lead me to ask – could I ever watch a public execution? It was the norm at the time so while it SEEMS insane to think about watching a human being die in front of our very eyes and just watch and shake out heads the way William Wallace’s allies do in the crowd at his execution. 

Then – out came the footage of Syrian citizens choking to death on gas raining down on them by their own government. I shook my head. I might have tweeted something about it. Then I got back to making dinner. 

I watched a public execution yesterday. And I did nothing. 


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