Ladies – listen up. 

Don’t let anyone else shape your story. Fix your eyes forward and run toward what you want. They can fight you. They can resist you but they can’t stop you if you don’t want them to. Run on ladies. 


I’m running for office!

Long before the November election I was considering running for school board. But since I’ve seen stalwarts of our society threatened by the current political atmosphere I felt even more called to serve.

So here we are – just about a month til the primary in Western PA and I’m on the ballot!

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A witness to the horror 

A few nights ago I started rewatching Braveheart. When this movie came out I LOVED IT. The sweeping epic story of love, country and freedom. I knew the facts were loose, but I didn’t care. It’s filed away in my brain along with other sweeping epics like Legends of the Fall. 

My complicated feelings about Mel Gibson has kept me away from re-watching this movie. But I gave it a whirl.  And yes, the scene where he whips his troops into patriotic frenzy declaring “they’ll never take our FREEDOM!” was still stirring.   

But man the violence in this movie is no joke. The battle scenes were brutal. To be a soldier in the 1300’s was pretty crappy! Watching the execution scene hit me tho. It always does tho when you see human execution as sport complete with two little people acting as an opening act. It lead me to ask – could I ever watch a public execution? It was the norm at the time so while it SEEMS insane to think about watching a human being die in front of our very eyes and just watch and shake out heads the way William Wallace’s allies do in the crowd at his execution. 

Then – out came the footage of Syrian citizens choking to death on gas raining down on them by their own government. I shook my head. I might have tweeted something about it. Then I got back to making dinner. 

I watched a public execution yesterday. And I did nothing. 

Dear Republicans,

PLEASE WORKTOGETHER!Hi guys! Boy you’re having quite a few months eh? Total blinding government control is actually pretty exciting. You feel, I suspect, like you can finally affect change – get something DONE! The immediate resistance, pushback and flooding of phone banks must have been insane.

I mean – phones so jammed no one can get thru for weeks. The few actually holding Town Halls are getting screamed at. Frankly I don’t blame you for not wanting to host one (though you really have to – it’s your job).

Here’s the deal tho. I beg of you – restraint. Remember how for the last 8 years you kept saying “but this is all being shoved down our throats, we don’t want this!” it seems what’s happening here is the political equivalent of hazing the freshman pledge. You hated it when it was done to you but too damn bad – it’s their turn now.

No, I don’t expect that “do what is fair and decent” will be a compelling argument, but perhaps this will be. As we sit on the precipice of you voting to change the rules of Senate governance to avoid the filibuster I truly fear for what that implication could mean.

What makes the Senate so special is that for the big stuff, you HAVE to work together. This is BRILLIANT. This means that despite our RAGING differences that consensus must be reached and common ground sought. When you move away from that to “screw it, I just need 51 and the other guy loses, I win” well guess who actually wins. No one. Guess who loses? Everyone.

You then in effect turn in the senate into the pendulum swinging undoing everything the “guy who came before you” did. So every 4 or 8 years the senate can undo or re-do something, or just re-writing the rules ignoring the Senate Parliamentarian if you don’t like how things are going to go all while leaving the American Citizens with an unstable divided government. You don’t need me to tell you what happens to unstable governments.

To quote Mitch McConnell in 2013 “How many times have we been threatened by colleagues? Do what I say or we’ll break the rules to change the rules. Confirm everybody 100%; anything less than that is obstructionism. That’s what they are saying to effect. Well let me say we aren’t interested in have a gun put to our heads” Except at that time he was railing against the majority Democrats who didn’t want Republicans to filibuster cabinet appointments. Well republicans. Draw down your weapons. Remember after all that you can be the true heroes and leaders that take us out of this divided and angry rhetoric and return to common ground, decency, collegiality, negotiation and consensus.

Also, that nuclear option works both ways. You may one day regret having voted for it.

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