The ladies mags are here to represent.

I stopped reading Cosmo years ago – it was all sex positions and silly garbage to me. I never read Teen Vogue because frankly I’m not sure it was around when I was a Teen and if it was I’m sure I lumped it in the same pile as other “teen” mags which were nothing more than hot teen boy movie stars. Vanity Fair always seemed to focused on high fashion – and as a Gap and Old Navy kind of gal well – – I’m wasn’t their audience.

Cut to 2017. The gloves are off and low and behold there are journalists writing REAL stuff at these mags. For your review . . .

Ivanka’s nepotism is an insult to women from Cosmo

The joke that is this presidency, from Vanity Fair

Learn about Gas Lighting from Teen Vogue

Just enjoy this trip into solid, well-written journalism. Hopefully we can continue to see this trend and focus less on sex positions and this season’s shoe trends.


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