Dear Democrats,

I am not a member of your party but I saw something last week that you need to pay attention to. I know – you’re on defcon-10 right now. What more can you handle? Well, I ask you to shine a mirror on yourself right now and assess yourselves honestly.

The “defeat” of the AHCA is a REALLY important moment. (Tho technically not a defeat as it never went to vote, but I digress) The ACA lives, yay! Right? Hooray! Everyone is happy! But pump those brakes really quick. What happened to the Republicans was not a failure of want or desire. It was not a “victory for citizens”. It was the result of a protest without purpose.

It’s SUPER EASY to be the resistance.  Make a sign. March. Resist. Vote No. Say No. Every time. No matter what they say – just say NO as loud as possible back. This plan means you don’t need to hear them or listen or consider. Frankly it’s kind of fun. I’ve been doing a bit of it myself lately. JUST SAY NO to whatever 45 says, or thinks, or wants. That’s what the GOP has been doing with regards to the ACA. Fight, Sue, Repeal, NO! But what happens when they get their moment – EVERYTHING is on their side. The stage is set. The curtains draw and outcomes Speaker Ryan with his sleeves rolled up and some charts (all “hard work happenin’-like”) and he lays an egg. A big fat egg.

There was no plan. There was no consensus built among his OWN party for what they wanted. They just “didn’t want the ACA”. I would venture they didn’t want it mainly because of the nickname “Obamacare” and they simply couldn’t have that. (remember? RESIST! NO!) They just knew they didn’t want whatever it was.

Don’t forget too – that there are people who have insurance thru the ACA and would happily give it back, happily go back to the risky life sans-insurance. There are people whose premiums are SKYROCKETING to a point where the family budget is in real trouble. So this isn’t a validation of the ACA. When the CBO shouts about the number of people who would lose their insurance, there are a measurable number of those who WANT to lose their insurance. (and yes there are also a measurable number who don’t know the ACA and Obamacare are the same thing . . .I know.)

But here’s the deal – what failed the Republicans was their lack of common goal, built on shared vision and truly designed plan. Whatever may come of the 45th’s administration that may royally fry your cheese don’t be fooled into thinking that simply resisting is enough. What is happening to the GOP right now is a cautionary tale. Work together. Remain focused. Unite. It’s your only hope when the stage is set for YOU to roll your sleeves up and present.


The little ones are watching. And listening. 

With two young girls I am constantly aware of anything I say about my size, weight, hair, skin, make up etc. Anything I say will shoot to their hearts as second-hand judgement. Whether they realize its damage at the moment or not until years later it’s no less harmful than growing up in a smoker’s home.

The universe will hand them plenty of reasons to dislike themselves. I refuse to let any of those reasons come from my mouth.

Little ones you are good and valuable and important. Your shirt size, haircut and make up have nothing to do with it.

The ladies mags are here to represent.

I stopped reading Cosmo years ago – it was all sex positions and silly garbage to me. I never read Teen Vogue because frankly I’m not sure it was around when I was a Teen and if it was I’m sure I lumped it in the same pile as other “teen” mags which were nothing more than hot teen boy movie stars. Vanity Fair always seemed to focused on high fashion – and as a Gap and Old Navy kind of gal well – – I’m wasn’t their audience.

Cut to 2017. The gloves are off and low and behold there are journalists writing REAL stuff at these mags. For your review . . .

Ivanka’s nepotism is an insult to women from Cosmo

The joke that is this presidency, from Vanity Fair

Learn about Gas Lighting from Teen Vogue

Just enjoy this trip into solid, well-written journalism. Hopefully we can continue to see this trend and focus less on sex positions and this season’s shoe trends.

The Matter of the Arts

I was struck by the sheer excitement my second grader has for her field trip today to the Symphony Orchestra. Maybe because she is naturally drawn to the arts. Maybe it’s just because it’s a field trip. Maybe it’s because she is wearing a fancy dress. 

Or maybe because the arts turns on something important in our kids in a way nothing else can. We do a lot of artsy stuff with our kids. They have seen lots of live theatre and they have performed in stages. So she knows the experience she is about to have. But even a kid who has never seen a live performance  of any kind whatsoever can be deeply touched by their experience. And it’s that experience we need for our kids. 

We want them to be tolerant and empathetic human beings. And we want them to be astute observers of their surroundings. Some of these qualities may help students earn a living, but their importance has more to do with students’ development into cultured and humane people.

The arts matter. They make us better people. 

Read about a study proving this very fact. 

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