Pie is good. But it’s not the same as rights.

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Tho to be honest, I’m not all THAT crazy about Beyonce’s news. But it’s surprising how nice it was to be distracted by that news amidst all this crappiness.

Today’s dose of hypocrisy . . .

During the election cycle I was certain I would lose my ever loving mind if I heard the words “emails” or “Benghazi” one more time. Now let me hang on that for just a sec – not that I am really interested in re-hashing it but let’s look at it for plain and simple facts.

Did she have a personal server? Yup. She admitted it and apologized. Have other politicians done it? Yup, but sure that’s not an approval it’s just to say that it wasn’t Watergate. It was emails. It’s been investigated TO DEATH and found time and time again not to have caused issues. So was that cool? nope, it wasn’t. But at the end of the day it’s a shoulder shrug to me.

Benghazi – ok people died and that is NO joke. That event has also been investigated up one side and down the other. There were issues about whether it was labeled a terrorist attack or what. There were issues about repeat requests for more funding that were denied by the Republican Senate. But I don’t think anyone would at all doubt that the deaths made this a series event. Much like the many embassy deaths under George Bush’s watch (tho I don’t recall any of the embassy deaths under his leadership being investigated or incessantly talked about on the news the way Benghazi was.

So – yesterday we learned about the death of a Navy Seal in Yemen. All reports currently indicate that civilians (an American girl even) were also killed. Why? The attack – authorized by Trump – was unplanned and not properly prepared. Kinda like the roll-out of his Muslim Ban. Chaos, messy, unskilled – and people died.

US military officials told Reuters that Trump approved his first covert counterterrorism operation without sufficient intelligence, ground support, or adequate backup preparations.

As a result, three officials said, the attacking SEAL team found itself dropping onto a reinforced Al Qaeda base defended by landmines, snipers, and a larger-than-expected contingent of heavily armed Islamist extremists.

So my friends – if the words BENGHAZI crossed your lips but one time during this past election cycle I expect to see you once again wrap yourself in the pointed rage you had and direct it at  YOUR guy. For the death of Americans is no less tragic just because YOUR guy ordered it.



The hypocrisy . . .oh the hypocrisy

When President Obama appointed a Supreme Court Nominee the other side simply took their toys and refused to play the game. They marched home refusing to play.

When the current administration nominates someone who is hell-bent on taking away SPECIFICALLY rights of women (I believe he called birth control as “wrongful conduct”??? WTF!) then you can’t be surprised the overwhelming majority of people who did NOT vote for this administration are pissed. So what do they propose? Change the rules to get around that.

Now hang tight and sit with that a second. Can you IMAGINE the hellfire that would be spilled out if Obama had tried that?

Remember all that fuss made over a private email server? It was literally ALL anyone spoke of for months – well sure most of the staff are using private emails and unsecured devices but apparently that’s ok now.

All the evangelicals who’ve been wringing their hands over family values? Sure elect a fella with a little gaggle of wives, a record of infidelity, testimony in court that he raped his wife and kids from all three. IMAGINE if President Obama came with that record?

All you National Security before all else folks – you’re actually ok with Steve Bannon taking the head seat on the NSC?? HE HAS NO MILITARY OR DIPLOMACY EXPERIENCE! Why is that ok with you?

Remember Jeff Sessions grilling Sally Yates on whether she had the backbone to stand up to a Presidential Order that is unlawful? Remember when she said yes? Well, when she did exactly what Mr. Sessions told her to do she was fired and everyone says “ok, that’s what you do when you don’t follow the bosses orders” Sorry kids. This isn’t a boss. This is supposed to be a balance of power and you – YOU TRUMP PEOPLE – are pushing it out of balance and guess who loses in that game? Literally everyone.

If you voted for him because you like him or maybe just because you didn’t like her I beg of you to PLEASE check your tolerance for hypocrisy here. Look yourself in the face and recognize that which you are applauding (secretly or otherwise) with this new “screw the rules” administration – would have led YOU to protest in Washington 8 years ago. If it wouldn’t have been ok with you then, why is it ok now?

A heavy week

It was a whirlwind and shocking weekend complete with more shocking executive orders with sweeping and immediate impact on people all around the globe. I am hearing stories from friends of friends whose family is trapped, stuck, in limbo.

Part of me thinks – these are the unintended consequences of an unhinged man who is just spouting off ideas but signing them in big fancy Executive Orders. This is the result of an utterly unqualified leader who is bolstered by his henchman cheering him on.

Another part of me thinks – these are ENTIRELY intended consequences by hateful people who are hell-bent on creating chaos to distract us while thy move quietly forward with other more dangerous initiatives in quiet corners we can’t see.

There are times I feel I am becoming alarmist and need to make a tin foil hat for myself and other times I am reminded of the early chapters in Night by Elie Wiesel where the Jews didn’t see the Nazi’s as a real threat despite active concentration camps popping up throughout Germany.

We now have alarm bells being run by . . .the KOCH BROTHERS. I cannot emphasize this enough. The Koch Brothers think this is crazy.

From the Koch Foundation

“We believe it is possible to keep Americans safe without excluding people who wish to come here to contribute and pursue a better life for their families,” said Brian Hooks, the president of the Charles Koch Foundation, who is co-chairing a weekend conference of donors who help finance the Koch operation.

The Koch brothers – the voices of reason right now.

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