Thank you Senator Warren

You gotta give this woman credit. She is taking NO shit from anyone these days. She is bold; she is strong; she is not going to be silenced. In her attempt to read Coretta Scott King’s letter to oppose Senator Sessions (a letter Mrs. King wrote in 1986 when Mr. Sessions was being considered for a Federal Judgeship). In effect she was told to shut up and sit down. You can imagine how well that goes over with women in general. I may need to go buy that Nasty Woman t-shirt now. Here is NBC’s coverage of the event.

Senator Kamala Harris from California – who I heard speak from the stage at the Women’s March DC and hot DAMN she’s amazing. California – you are SO lucky! She put these images out on FB today and I just had to share because frankly – she will persist. These fine women will persist. The women I marched with in Washington will persist. I will persist.



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