The hypocrisy . . .oh the hypocrisy

When President Obama appointed a Supreme Court Nominee the other side simply took their toys and refused to play the game. They marched home refusing to play.

When the current administration nominates someone who is hell-bent on taking away SPECIFICALLY rights of women (I believe he called birth control as “wrongful conduct”??? WTF!) then you can’t be surprised the overwhelming majority of people who did NOT vote for this administration are pissed. So what do they propose? Change the rules to get around that.

Now hang tight and sit with that a second. Can you IMAGINE the hellfire that would be spilled out if Obama had tried that?

Remember all that fuss made over a private email server? It was literally ALL anyone spoke of for months – well sure most of the staff are using private emails and unsecured devices but apparently that’s ok now.

All the evangelicals who’ve been wringing their hands over family values? Sure elect a fella with a little gaggle of wives, a record of infidelity, testimony in court that he raped his wife and kids from all three. IMAGINE if President Obama came with that record?

All you National Security before all else folks – you’re actually ok with Steve Bannon taking the head seat on the NSC?? HE HAS NO MILITARY OR DIPLOMACY EXPERIENCE! Why is that ok with you?

Remember Jeff Sessions grilling Sally Yates on whether she had the backbone to stand up to a Presidential Order that is unlawful? Remember when she said yes? Well, when she did exactly what Mr. Sessions told her to do she was fired and everyone says “ok, that’s what you do when you don’t follow the bosses orders” Sorry kids. This isn’t a boss. This is supposed to be a balance of power and you – YOU TRUMP PEOPLE – are pushing it out of balance and guess who loses in that game? Literally everyone.

If you voted for him because you like him or maybe just because you didn’t like her I beg of you to PLEASE check your tolerance for hypocrisy here. Look yourself in the face and recognize that which you are applauding (secretly or otherwise) with this new “screw the rules” administration – would have led YOU to protest in Washington 8 years ago. If it wouldn’t have been ok with you then, why is it ok now?


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