Defunding Public School has begun

Please call your House Rep and beg, cry, plead for them to vote NO on this bill. It is the start of vouchers and defunding public school. 

Maybe you don’t care about public schools for some reason (no school aged kids maybe?) but please consider how the strength of your community and your home values are tied to the schools in your community. Public schools are the center of every community. In many communities they are the only sports and arts people have access to. Should these institutions be dismantled every community will suffer. 

Rise up. Say No.


Don’t be distracted –

He plays the role of the buffoon. He plays crazy moron. He plays uninformed. 

Don’t buy it. Don’t believe it. Well – HE may we’ll be all those things but he is playing a specific role to distract and confuse us. The major headlines that would dominate a news cycle for days or weeks is becoming a quickly-disposed moment in your Twitter feed. An “omg, did you see that?” And it’s gone because 45 quickly dies or says something insane. 

But rest assured. There is pure evil behind this man in the form of Steve Bannon. The intentions are not good and we mustn’t normalize his beliefs or behavior NOR can we be distracted by his whole “sparkly object” routine. 

Do not rest. Do not relent. Do not give up. 

Love is love, is love, is love, is love . . .

This video -created by the Ad Council played at the ProBowl this year.

This administration and the Congress full of Rubber Stamping GOP’ers who are “Party-before-Country” (‘cept  Senator Collins R-ME, who appears to be among the few thinking principled GOP’ers) are out of step with this country. Look what the NFL of all organizations did. Learn from them.

Today’s Hypocrisy Corner – National Security Style

Let’s just sit for a sec and consider . . .what if Obama owned an exclusive club in Chicago where only his Limousine Liberal friends could join. They would rub elbows, drink scotch and make themselves feel good about how their wealth and access will make the world a better place by sticking it to corporate america with regulations galore. Then think – the moment he puts his hand on the bible and takes the oath, the cost to join is club DOUBLES.

THEN – on his SECOND weekend in office the tax payers take him home for the weekend (I mean, he IS really tired afterall) with a world leader to go hang out in his fancy club. Then – WHILE at a dinner only his rich friends could pay to access there’s  a crisis of diplomacy unfolding and he’s sitting in open public view, taking calls and letting his patrons take pics of the man carrying “the football”.

You simply cannot tell me that Fox news and every member of the GOP wouldn’t have stormed that room in utter horror for the National Security risks and obscene ethics violations.

But when you’re guy does it? Well, no biggie.

Thank you Senator Warren

You gotta give this woman credit. She is taking NO shit from anyone these days. She is bold; she is strong; she is not going to be silenced. In her attempt to read Coretta Scott King’s letter to oppose Senator Sessions (a letter Mrs. King wrote in 1986 when Mr. Sessions was being considered for a Federal Judgeship). In effect she was told to shut up and sit down. You can imagine how well that goes over with women in general. I may need to go buy that Nasty Woman t-shirt now. Here is NBC’s coverage of the event.

Senator Kamala Harris from California – who I heard speak from the stage at the Women’s March DC and hot DAMN she’s amazing. California – you are SO lucky! She put these images out on FB today and I just had to share because frankly – she will persist. These fine women will persist. The women I marched with in Washington will persist. I will persist.


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