Why did I march?

I attended the Women’s March on Washington on January 22nd and I will likely do more posts in the future about it but for now I simply want to answer the question I’ve been asked a few times. Why did I go? To pare it down to it’s simplest answer: I marched because I could.

As a white Christian in a relatively affluent community I am not likely to be impacted on a real, practical, “daily life” sort of way by the policies this new administration is implementing. But I recognize my privilege and realize that not only do very real neighbors in my very real town NOT have these luxuries, but as a woman I know that I am NOT paid the same as my male counterparts and I am constantly at risk on any street on any night. This administration has made it clear that they don’t care one iota aobut that risk. So, I marched because I could.

If you are unclear about what “privilege” I speak of, this cartoon summed it up perfectly.



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