Why did I march?

I attended the Women’s March on Washington on January 22nd and I will likely do more posts in the future about it but for now I simply want to answer the question I’ve been asked a few times. Why did I go? To pare it down to it’s simplest answer: I marched because I could.

As a white Christian in a relatively affluent community I am not likely to be impacted on a real, practical, “daily life” sort of way by the policies this new administration is implementing. But I recognize my privilege and realize that not only do very real neighbors in my very real town NOT have these luxuries, but as a woman I know that I am NOT paid the same as my male counterparts and I am constantly at risk on any street on any night. This administration has made it clear that they don’t care one iota aobut that risk. So, I marched because I could.

If you are unclear about what “privilege” I speak of, this cartoon summed it up perfectly.



Welcome to On My Mind

After what seems like the longest election cycle in history it became clear that sharing my thoughts on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram was enormously stupid. I stand about as much chance to shift someone’s thinking or open their eyes to a new way of thinking by sharing my thoughts out there.

Believe me, I don’t expect that to happen much here either but this felt like a better place.

No, not every post here will be political but I bet a WHOLE bunch of them will be! I look forward to sharing with you what’s On My Mind.

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